About the blog:

Hello, hello! Welcome to Pocketful of Sugar! This blog is all about simple recipes that are both affordable and taste incredible. I believe that tasty dishes don’t need to be mega time consuming or break the bank, and I’m here to share my dishes with you.

Many concoctions on this blog are inspired by ones I see in cookbooks, other foodie blogs, magazines, or just result from random cravings I have. I also post about events, happenings, and opinions in my Bites of Real Life section. Check it out!

I hope you enjoy what you see here and if you try a recipe, by all means, let me know about it! I’d love to hear what you think. Life just seems a little bit sweeter with a pocketful of sugar.

Kaitie and Kenz

About the blogger:

I’m Kaitie, a 25-year-old Michigander who enjoys cooking, baking, and all things green. I’ve been on a health-kick the past few years so every now and then I like to balance out the sweet and decadent recipes with some healthy yet tasty ones.

When I’m not baking, you can find me obsessing over my adorable not-so-tiny puggle puppy named Kenzie (often also referred to as Meatball, Peanut, Kensington, Monster, Monkey, etc). The poor thing probably doesn’t even know her real name. I’m also very dedicated to my close group of friends and family that nearly all of my baking creations are for. Lucky for you all, they’re my harshest food critics so you’ll only get the creme de la creme of successful recipes.

A little piece of my heart will always belong in East Lansing, Mi for the simple fact that I attended Michigan State University for my undergrad education and, as they say, it was the best four years of my life. Everything is just a little brighter in that city. To my fellow Spartans: GO GREEN!

  • Kaitie likes: tomatoes, warm weather, rose gold jewelry, aprons, organization, tea, riding bikes, Michigan State athletics, tailgating, beaches, vacations, reading books, road trips, spontaneity, and being with long distance college friends.
  • Kaitie dislikes: wearing red, wet socks, barbeque chips, not having a DIY project, messy bathrooms, feet, missing far away friends, and running out of coffee.
  • Kaitie’s latest obsessions: renovating my vintage camper, drinking coffee out of teacups, and of course starting this awesome food blog!

Questions? Comments? Jokes?

Contact me at: pocketfulofsugar@gmail.com


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  7. Hiya- just noticed that you were visiting my blog and wanted to say thanks 😀
    Delighted as all hell to see that you’re a health nut- I am/was [currently in different field of work] a vegan and vegetarian cook! Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be up to 🙂

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