Vintage Camper Renovation: FINISHED PRODUCT!

Here it is, ladies and gentleman! The post you’ve all been waiting for… the finished product. Scroll to see my little Lark in all it’s glory 🙂

Remember the beige and brown stripes when I first got it? Ick. We’ve come pretty far…

e7nuGu1409098259DSC_0208DSC_0206 DSC_0205 DSC_0203Now to my favorite part… the inside 🙂

DSC_0218 Oh my gosh! I know, right?! I had soooo much help – shout out to you, Grammie & Papa for painstakingly sewing the giant cushion covers and curtains, and for crafting all of the ADORABLE toss pillows. Decorating this cutie was a blast with everyone’s help. I loved having an excuse to paint random art for the walls and purchase fun little vintage trinkets and brightly colored accessories like the Towne Club bottles in matching colors.

DSC_0220 That ruby red stove is seriously to-die-for…DSC_0221Here is the little bird once the beds are pulled out from the bench and the dinette…

DSC_0224 DSC_0227And last but not least.. Here is the little bathroom…

DSC_0217 The little toilet is brand new and has never been used (yay!) and I soooo love that all of the owner’s manuals were included when I bought it.DSC_0229Okay that’s all I have today 🙂 I’d say in under a year we’ve come pretttttty far from where we were when I bought the ole beaut’. To take a trip down memory lane with me, click here for all of the Vintage Camper posts.


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