Vintage Camper Paneling and Paint

Well, its been a while. Let’s save the pleasantries and get right down to business. THE VINTAGE CAMPER PROJECT! After sitting inside a garage for an entire year (which was quite the cliffhanger for y’all) I’m ready to reveal my 1973 Lark Camper in all of its almost completed glory. But this is just a post with progress pictures to talk about the nitty gritty hard work it required. Check out the next post for beautiful finished photos!

Okay so lets begin with the paneling. The paneling (for the most part) was in great condition. Especially for being over 40 years old.. That being said, we were extremely lucky that we only had one real questionable area we had to replace. We were feeling around and noticed the area by the dinette had a little “soft” area of paneling where it bowed a bit and you could tell something weird was going on. Most people wouldn’t think anything of it, but that didn’t fly with my dad and me. So we tore it apart…


We caulked some gaps, added new insulation and replaced the paneling with brand new stuff..


TA-DA! Good as new!  Now for a fresh coat of paint all around.. These photos are after the ceiling was completely finished and we had TWO coats of primer. I forgot how much old school paneling really sucks up paint.


image_11After the primer dried, we finished with a glossy white coat for easy clean up! This trailer is only 13″ long but getting in all the nooks and crannies took FOREVER. I could’ve painted a whole house inside and out faster than this thing took. It also doesn’t help that I’m a perfectionist so I pay attention to detail like a crazy person..



Alright so that’s all the progress photos for now. Next up, THE FINISHED PRODUCT!! 🙂 🙂 If you want to be reminded of the before photos when it wasn’t all ripped apart, click here.


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