Busy, Busy, Busy… But I’m Baaaack!


Hello again, blogosphere! So sorry for my extended leave of absence, but I’ve been a busy little bee. Let me count the ways:

  • Traveled to and from Cancun, Mexico. It was incredibly gorgeous and fun.
  • Had a surprise party for my friend’s 24th birthday!
  • Went on a suuuuuper fun party bus from Lansing to Mt. Pleasant and back for yet another 24th birthday (we love birthdays, obviously)
  • I painted a giant Las Vegas sign for my sister’s high school prom
  • My sister went to her senior prom and graduated from high school! The little girl is growing up. Time flies..
  • My grandparents’ bought ducks. That’s right. Living ducks. In suburbia. They’re 80 so I guess they do what they want.
  • My cousins and aunts and uncles came to visit from Southern California and Orlando, Florida! I miss them already. Come back to Michigan, guys!
  • My mom and I have been scouting north, south, east and west for a vintage camper to spruce up! Note: check my past post Gypsy Urges and Vintage Camper Dreamin’
  • We’ve also been prepping and planning for my sister’s graduation party blow out. It’s the last one in our family so its going to be huge.
  • My very great friends Theresa and Calvin got engaged! Woo! Congrats again for the 50th time 🙂
  • I myself turned 24! Yeesh. My friends and I traveled to Lexington, Michigan for the weekend to celebrate! Sooo much fun!
  • And I even scored a beautiful new and exciting big girl job 🙂 Woo!

What a busy two months. Anywho, I’m back people.. So stay tuned for some well overdue tasty recipes and bites of real life from yours truly 🙂


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