¡Adiós! I’m off to Mexico!

I’m shippin’ out, folks. I’ll be in the glorious Cancun, Mexico until April 4th! I’m so pumped. I never was that kid who went on the crazy Mexican Spring Break adventure (for my Spring Break I went to Paris and ate crepes under the Eiffel Tower. Seriously though. I’m that kid) so needless to say I’m pretty excited to take my ginger skin south of the border for once. After 23 years I’ve finally accepted the fact that I can’t and won’t get a beautiful bronze tan from the sun, so I’ll be slathering on SPF 150 every 3 hours.. Not kidding. I’m going to drink Don Julio margaritas in a synthetically blue pool all day and dance to DJ Otiz jams until my sombrero falls off. Ahhh, paradise.

I’ll be staying at this glorious resort:


Doing a lot of this:


but mostly this:


No, no not her.. the one to her left. Yeah that’s pretty much me..

Ah, alas its going to be a fabulous time I’m sure. Now don’t panic, y’all. I’ve been cooking and baking like crazy and have scheduled some awesome blog posts for your enjoyment while I’m gone. I wish I could take you all with me, but I’m limited to one bag plus a carry on and I have an insane sandal collection. Keep me posted on all things state-side! And have a great Easter everyone!


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