Chicago: So Much City, So Little Time

St. Patrick’s Day.. A ginger’s favorite holiday. Now its no secret I’m a fan of all things green (Michigan State grad, closet health food guru, Captain Planet wannabe, etc..) and I’ve had my fair share of exceptional St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but this past weekend was definitely one for the record books. Instead of our usual East Lansing trip to relive our college glory days, a dozen of my college friends and I decided to switch it up a bit. CHICAGO!

On Friday, we all headed to the fabulous city of Chicago for a little Midwestern city life. We stayed at the supposedly haunted Congress Plaza Hotel in the Chicago Loop on Michigan Avenue. The hotel was built in 1893 and its rumored that thee Al Capone haunts the halls. Rude, if you ask me, because when we were there he didn’t even come out to say hello.

St. Patrick's Day - Pocketful of SugarLike any true Spartan, Saturday morning started off with a 6:30 AM wake-up call that was quickly followed by Irish Car Bombs and shots of Jagermeister. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” was constantly repeated throughout the day when we started to get a little ahead of ourselves. Great advice, right there. We hung out at the hotel for a bit and waited for some late-arriving Friday friends to come meet us in our room. We started to make moves at around 11 AM and ended up at a pretty cool Irish bar called Miller’s Pub, where we ordered some green beer and a couple rounds of shots. Miller’s was insanely packed and we were traveling with a full squad of people, so we decided to venture out some more. At this point it was about noon and some of us branched off to go see the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade while the rest headed to Wrigleyville via subway. The subway was so much fun and packed with 20-something aged people all excited about the day ahead. We made a few pals along the way and successfully arrived in Wrigleyville!

St. Patrick's Day Taco Bell - Pocketful of Sugar

Our first stop was to grab some food where we found a poor soul at Taco Bell lying in his own vomit. Yuck. He obviously didn’t get the “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” memo. After some Doritos Cool Ranch Tacos, which were delish, we did a little mini-bar-crawl. We went to Goose Island, Mullen’s, Red Ivy, and Deuce’s before we ultimately ended up at The Stretch for a good chunk of our day. The MSU basketball game was on and The Stretch is an MSU Alumni bar, so naturally we stayed there and made some new MSU friends. MSU lost the basketball game, but everyone was feeling pretty great thanks to the bartender pouring me free shots throughout the game. The crowd at Stretch was mega fun, so when some people left, a few of us opted to stay just a little bit longer and meet up with the whole crew later.

After we finally had our fair share at Stretch, we met up with everyone else at a pizza joint. I was feeling a little antsy so I decided to take a little Chicago tour and meet up with everyone at the hotel later. At the hotel, it was discovered that I had stepped in poop along the way. Poop. Why was there poop on the sidewalk?! Of all things… So gross. Luckily I was wearing my rubber Steve Madden boots so I just rinsed the feces down the shower drain. But still.. poop?! No thank you.

St. Patrick's Day -- Pocketful of Sugar

After that hilarity, everything else was pretty uneventful. We all went to sleep and woke up Sunday morning ready to be in our own beds at home. Some of our Chicago pals we met the day before texted us and asked us what our Sunday plans were, but we were all tapped out with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and Chicago as a whole. We dipped out of the hotel and made our trekk back to the Mitten.

Shamrocks. Shenanigans. Subways. Stretch. And shit. Actual shit.

All in all it was a successful St. Patrick’s Day in a cool city we’re all mildly unfamiliar with. It was cool to switch it up a bit and make some friends along the way.



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