Social Etiquette: Normal or Neurotic?

teamarb300x20Alright, my mother and I have some pretty incredible women in our lives. Aunts, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins and friends all influence us every single day even if they don’t realize it. My mother and I are starting to notice some funny “social etiquette” quirks that we’ve subconsciously absorbed over the years from said ladies. I’ve decided to craft a list of these crazy things.

Let me just stress that we do not ever expect these behaviors from others. Ever. This is only what we do everyday without even thinking because this is how our mothers and grandmothers have done it. Maybe we’re far too old school. Maybe we’re all crazy. Maybe we’re a strange ya-ya cult. Who knows? You be the judge:

  1. Never give someone their plate back empty. If someone leaves a pan or plate at your house after a party, when you return that dish, it should be filled with a treat. Empty plates are boring and tasteless. Ha, see what I did there? Tasteless. Okay anyways…
  2. Don’t brush your hair in the kitchen. Yikes.
  3. Never gift an empty wallet. If you’re giving a purse or wallet as a gift, it should also have a little something in there for the person who is receiving it. Now it can be as simple as a one dollar bill, lip gloss, or lucky penny, but it is just to wish them good luck and hope that their lives are filled with at least a little joy.
  4. Account for people’s food allergies when you’re having a group over for dinner. For example, if someone has a nut allergy and you’re preparing a dish that calls for nuts, either make a small portion of the dish without nuts or leave nuts out of the dish entirely. With so many people with food allergies nowadays (gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian lifestyles) its mega important to take these into account.
  5. When you walk up to a group of people and there’s someone you don’t know, introduce yourself! There’s nothing more awkward than standing there waiting for someone else to do it for you. Just take the plunge and do it.
  6. If you have guests staying at your home, have nice clean towels, a freshly stocked bathroom (ahem, toilet paper) and always, always, always, have fresh and clean sheets and pillows on the couch/bed/air mattress/pull-out-bed they’re crashing on.
  7. For said couch-crashing guests, its always pretty nice if you can have coffee, fresh fruit, bagels, or pastries for them in the morning before they jet off. These little details make people feel welcome and make them want to come back 🙂
  8. If you borrow someone’s car, don’t leave it with an empty tank of gas.
  9. If you’re having someone drive you a far distance, like the airport for example, volunteer your car as the one to be driven or throw them some gas money (if they don’t take it, hide it in their glove box and text them the location later ;))
  10. Not talking to strangers is overrated. You meet some interesting people in the line at Michael’s. Also, if you have coupons you’re not using – sharing is caring! Give them to the lady behind you who forgot hers at home. She’ll be super grateful.

Keep in mind we’re no wannabe fifties housewives; we can party and bullshit with the best of them. Also, some of these are definitely just common courtesy. I’m just dying to know if other people do the other things as well.

What do you guys think? Are we completely asinine? After creating that list I’m starting to think we are… Yeesh.


15 thoughts on “Social Etiquette: Normal or Neurotic?

    • Oh my gosh same here! I had a strategy as a kid to eat all of the things I didn’t really like first and save the best stuff for last – which by that time I was probably so full but couldn’t stop eating because I finally got to the good stuff!

  1. It’s not neurotic, it’s consideration and that is always a good thing! It shows that those women that came before you cared enough to pass it on!
    Thanks for checking out my soup recipe, it really is delicious!

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