Strawberry Banana Creams (Healthy!)

Strawberry Banana Creams - Pocketful of Sugar

Just like Kate from The Kate Chronicles, I’m a giant fan of cheesecake but not a fan of the crazy amount of calories that come with it. These just turned out so well that I had to post a copycat recipe of the ones I made inspired from The Kate Chronicles blog. They’re only about 150 calories per serving (8 strawberries) so go crazy you health nuts! I put mine in the freezer for an hour or two and they were awesome. They’re kind of like a natural popsicle and ice cream combo when frozen. They’re only three ingredients + the toppings of your choice. And they’re healthy, healthy! These would actually be awesome as an appetizer or small dish to pass at a party. Here’s the recipe for these Strawberry Banana Creams:


8 strawberries

3 tablespoons vanilla yogurt

1/2 banana

3 tbsp toppings of your choice

Topping Suggestions:

Granola, chopped nuts, blueberries, a sprinkle of cinnamon, crystallized ginger, dried cherries or cranberries, etc.


1. Use a fork to mash half of a banana and yogurt together in a small bowl.

2. Using a knife, carefully remove the top and middle of the strawberries.

3. Fill the strawberries with the yogurt/banana mixture.

4. Top with your favorite healthy toppings and enjoy immediately, OR freeze for a bit and enjoy cold. YUM, YUM! 🙂

[Yields 8 strawberries]

Strawberry Banana Creams -- Pocketful of Sugar

Recipe from The Kate Chronicles


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