Drama Queen Post: I’m Giving Up Sugar


You heard me: I’m giving up sugar. I’m starting to think that I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with sugar. And when I say relationship, I mean like an eighth grade girl obsessed with her first cute boyfriend. Now I’m not doodling cakes and cookies on my binders and signing notes “Mrs. Kaitie Tiramisu”, but if these sugary treats don’t meet me at my locker after 3rd period I’m definitely going to lose it.

Its not like I’m sitting at home all day mowing on Oreos and ice cream either, but I definitely do have something sweet every single day whether I consciously realize it or not. A handful of mini chocolate chips here, a taste of cake batter there, and you know I need to try one of my baked creations when they’re finished. How ironic is it that I’m posting my banishment of sugar on a baking blog? Geez. I’m officially off my rocker.

Anyways, all I’m trying to say is that moderation is key people. That being said, I just feel as though I’ve been overdoing it lately. I’m sabotaging all of my Insanity Workouts with sugar. Abs are built in the kitchen, as they say. But I’m really not giving up sugar all together. I’ll still be making and posting recipes for delicious treats. I just won’t be eating the entire batch by myself. Everything in moderation, right?


6 thoughts on “Drama Queen Post: I’m Giving Up Sugar

  1. I’m reading this while downing one of those AWFUL sugar cookies with the thick sugar icing. Worst part, I don’t even LIKE them that much, my mother-in-law just brought them over for myself and kids. Eitherway, I’m thinking I agree with you, this sugar has to go! Ok… just the sugar that’s not in cookies. 😉

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