Gypsy Urges and Vintage Camper Dreamin’

Vintage Campers 2
I want to own a vintage camper. Plain and simple. It’s been a while since I’ve had a giant project (painting/decorating my parents’ den in their house, organizing nearly all aspects of my life, planning mega trips with friends, etc.) Maybe I’m just a little antsy due to my lack of current renovation and DIY projects. All I’m saying is that the DIY Michigan map wall art and braided bead necklace creations via Pinterest are just not cutting it. I need something big. I need something timely. I need something I can take from ewie to cutie. I need a vintage camper.

Now if you’re not aware of the allure that a vintage camper has to offer, let me fill you in. People all over the glorious internet republic known as Pinterest have taken what some may consider an eye sore in the back lot of someone’s 50-year-old cottage:

old camper

and have turned it into something adorable and desirable for modern-day travel and enjoyment:

vintage camper reno

Needless to say, this new trend has sucked me in. There are an infinite amount of blogs, websites and of course Pinterest boards dedicated to this growing fascination. Now if you talk to my father and younger sister about this, they’ll hit you with a dozen logical statements and questions that any normal person would think about before committing to a project like this:

  • Where are you going to store something this big?
  • You don’t have any money, Kaitie.
  • You realize you don’t need a camper, right?
  • Seriously? An old camper?
  • You don’t even like camping.
  • Are you clinically insane?
  • Why.. just.. why?

Anyone who isn’t crazy would see these questions and lack of enthusiasm as a complete discouragement and give up entirely. Oh, not this girl. If there’s one thing you need to know about me its that when I get something in my mind, logical or completely unnecessary, it will happen soon enough if I really want it bad enough. This is one of those times. And if you tell me I shouldn’t do  something or it can’t be done, that just fuels the motivational fire within me into a blazing inferno. Long story short – I will own a vintage camper and make it a cutesy home away from home.

Vintage Camper Collage

Now the awesome part is that my mother is completely on board with this idea. Maybe that’s because we’re pretty much the same person and have always had think-outside-of-the-box, not-easily-discouraged, type-A personalities. She loves the concept and also sees this project as a business venture – which I’m completely on board for. We have so many business-y self-starter ideas floating around right now that I’m not even going to get into that. Lets just say, this is not the last you’ll hear on this topic as I’ve admittedly become obsessed.

Therefore, anyone with a reasonably priced vintage camper in the Southeast Michigan area… get at me. Seriously, though they’re becoming increasingly difficult to find and I would like to get one ASAP… Obvi.

Sorry for saying obvi.

Picture Sources/Lovely People Who Share My Camper Obsession:

My Dream Home is Portable

Happy Loves Rosie

Get Campie


17 thoughts on “Gypsy Urges and Vintage Camper Dreamin’

  1. I might suggest you go to and search for “teardrops” in your area. Many are new but very retro and affordable, and I believe several manufacturers up there. I’m getting one tomorrow that I plan to convert into a bar and grill on wheels for family camping and tailgating.

  2. I have one and it is SO much fun to work on…there is a Facebook page “Vintage Campers for Sale”…there are always great trailers available out your way.

  3. I love vintage campers also! I have fond memories of some of those campers…when they were in their prime (my childhood years). I think I should find one to proudly own! 🙂 I will be checking some of these sites metioned.

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