Boyne Highlands Trip

Its that time of year again! The annual trip to Boyne Highlands has come and gone. To bring you up to speed – every year, four families including my own head all the way up to Harbor Springs, Michigan to Boyne Highlands for a weekend full of skiing and snowboarding shenanigans. We all stay in a ski-in/ski-out lodge in Alpine Village right off of the main mountain. Its seriously so much fun. It has become a yearly tradition for all of us. We have been going every single year since our youngest skier, who is now 17, was just a wee little toddler flying down the mountain, arms flailing at the speed of light, on two-foot long skis. Sadly we’ve all since grown up, most of us “kids” even now of legal drinking age. Oh, time flies faster than a four-year-old traveling downhill on waxed skis. Every year gets a little bit better than the last though, I swear.

Boyne Highlands - Pocketful of SugarOn Friday, we skied from 4pm-9pm and came back to the house for dinner. The older boys had some friends come along with them, and one was even referred to as a “Catholic Italian gentleman”. Everyone including the gentleman ended the night by settling down and watching Pitch Perfect, which if you haven’t seen I highly suggest you should because its surprisingly hilarious, and then passed out to rest up for Saturday skiing.

Saturday we had all-day lift tickets (aka 9am-9pm) and we were probably only off of the mountain to grab snacks and dry gloves for about 3 of those 12 hours. I’d say that was a successful skiing/snowboarding day. My brother and I were able to visit the “parents” at the infamous Boyne Highlands Zoo Bar. It was my brother’s first time experiencing this madness and he was definitely not disappointed. He described it as a modern-day scene from the movie Hot Tub Time Machine and I’ve got to tell you, he was spot on. The Zoo Bar was filled with skiers varying in age from their mid-twenties to forty-something adults reliving their 80’s ski resort glory days. There was an 80’s cover band, dance area filled with overheated dancers fresh off the mountain and still in their ski boots, and of course shot girls walking around with tubes filled of watered down pucker shots dressed like they’re on Spring Break. I loved every second of the madness. I cannot wait until all of our little minions are 21 and older and everyone can experience the humor of it together. So. Much. Fun.

Boyne Trip Pocketful of Sugar

All in all it was an incredible success of a weekend. There were no injuries in our crew (for the first time in years), everyone was happily boozed up, and there was insanely good food. I made Simple S’mores Bars for the trip and they went over with a bang. Like we’re talking a creation-of-the-universe-as-we-know-it sized bang. Check that link for the recipe. They’re addictingly-good.

If you’re looking to do a family vacation with a little activity mixed into the relaxation, I highly suggest a skiing and snowboarding trip at a resort near you. You don’t have to be a skilled boarder to have a blast on the mountain. There’s a little something for everyone including mountain ziplining, tubing, sledding, a heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi, and of course boozing and dancing like its 1987 all over again. You know you want to dance like Tainted Love is still on the Billboard’s Top 100 list, so book your trip now!


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